Nerikiri Online Class

Course Details

Ingredients: A detailed list of ingredients will be provided at the time of booking.

Class Fee:

20€ per device (up to 2 people)

10€ yen for each additional participant.

Please book this class only if you can buy or make or buy white bean paste, mochiko (glutinous rice flour or sweet rice flour).

Nerikiri Dough Crafting

Learn how to make nerikiri dough, the foundation of wagashi. I will guide you through the step-by-step process to ensure an enjoyable and authentic experience.

Coloring and Shaping

Once you have prepared the nerikiri dough, you can unleash your creativity in wagashi-making. Explore the art of coloring and shaping the dough to create two beautiful pieces of wagashi.


A detailed list of ingredients will be provided when you book the class, so you can be well-prepared. Please make sure to have sweet white bean paste and mochiko (glutinous rice flour or sweet rice flour) ready. If you need guidance on making bean paste, you can refer to our tutorial video.

Flexible Schedule

To accommodate participants from different time zones, we offer the flexibility to choose a class time that suits you. When you book, please specify your time zone, and we will do our best to find a convenient slot for you.