Tea Exchange

Welcome to Tea Exchange, where we celebrate the rich tapestry of tea cultures from around the world. Just like a postcard exchange, but with a twist of flavor and aroma, we connect tea lovers globally. Our mission is to bring people together through the joy of sharing and savoring tea.



How it works?

Participating in Tea Exchange is as simple as brewing a cup of your favorite tea. Here’s how it works:


Sign UpThe pairing will be handled by a third-party platform called Elfster. Sign-up there and complete your profile. You can write the tea you like in your wishlist so the giver will have an idea of your preference, but please don’t expect that you will get the same tea 100%. Let’s no put pressure on everybody 🙂


Prepare the teaPut 3g-5g tea (or more based on your recommendation) in a paper or in a small zip-lock bag, write information about the tea, like the best temperature to brew it, what kind of tea, which cultivar, etc.


Send out your teaYou will be matched randomly with another participant on the D-day and you will see his/her address, and it’s time to send.


Some optimal ideasYou can include a postcard, a sweet note or whatever. Get creative 🙂

Invite your pals to join the swap and promote it by sharing the link on Instagram. Throw a postcard gathering, capture the moments in photos and videos, create an Instagram reel, or craft a blog post to document your experience. Share the delightful teas you receive on social media, write a blog post about your swaps, and leave positive and supportive comments on others’ posts. Let’s spread the word and build a community of tea enthusiasts!

Use the hashtag #theteaexchange on Instagram

Participate Now

Ready to embark on a tea adventure? Sign up now to become a part of our global tea exchange community. Start sharing and receiving unique tea flavors from around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of tea can I exchange?

You can exchange any type of loose leaf tea, including black, green, white, oolong, herbal, and more.

Is it safe to share my address with exchange partners?

We prioritize your safety and privacy. We only share addresses with your consent, and we have strict guidelines in place to ensure a secure exchange process.

How much does it cost to participate in Tea Exchange?

Joining Tea Exchange is absolutely free! The only cost involved is the postage for sending and receiving tea.

Can I send matcha?

Yes, although I don’t recommend it especially when sending out of the EU, plus matcha degrades a lot outside of its packaging.

Who can participate in the exchange?

Anyone! Although there is no country restriction at the moment, I don’t encourage people out of Europe to participate at the moment. It is because I am not aware the rules and restrictions when mailing small quantities of tea, and long delivery times might affect the quality of the tea.

How do I pack the tea?

I recommend using foil bags if available. Alternatively, you can neatly pack the tea leaves with aluminium foil and then put it in a small zip-lock container.

Do I only send the tea?

Yes, but I recommend putting a note or a post card and packing it nicely. But postage shouldn’t cost you more than 5€!

More questions? Email me at mail{at}japantea.club